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Merlin’s Millions Review

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NextGen Gaming proved itself with the release of Merlin’s Millions. This game has been on the market for a little while now. While new slot games are hitting the scene all the time, Merlin’s Millions continues to draw an impressive crowd. Why is this the case? There are a number of things you will want to keep in mind.

However, at the end of the day, Merlin’s Millions remains popular because it’s just a whole lot of fun to play. This five reel/fifty pay line slot game has the potential to delight just about anyone who wants a fast-paced slot game with plenty of features, pleasing graphics, and the opportunity to win big.

Merlin’s Millions Slot Review

Based on the legendary figure Merlin, the game draws its visuals, symbols, and other features from the Arthurian mythos. Wilds and scatters are brilliantly handled here, and you are almost certainly going to be pleased with how the game utilizes the SuperBet feature. Along the way, don’t be afraid to appreciate the amusing animations that are sprinkled throughout.

The symbols are fairly straightforward here. You will notice spell book symbols, owl symbols, magic potion symbols, and even symbols of Merlin himself. The game is also remarkably easy to pick up and play, even if you have never tried a slot game before. If you had to pick just one reason for the game’s enduring popularity, ease-of-use might just be it.

The SuperBet feature is far and away the most important element to the game. Although the function is going to require a little more in the way of a wager, the potential payoff for using the SuperBet button is tremendous. Furthermore, multipliers ranging from 2X to 10X can generate some major winnings. Just remember that multipliers are dependent upon the SuperBet level you nail. Not surprisingly, Merlin can show up in the game as your wild feature. He can sub for any symbol on any reel, with the exception of your scatter symbol, your bonus symbol, your Magical Orb symbol, or your Owl symbol. You will want to look out for Merlin on reel two, reel three, and reel four.

Three scattered Magical Orb symbols can grab you five free spins. When your free spin starts, spells can be used to enchant any your reels to become wilds. Chances are, you won’t find fault with the chance to make more money than what you actually put in.

Merlin’s Millions is a winner on every possible level



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