King Kong Cash Slot Machine

King Kong Cash

king kong cash slot machine
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Probably the most famous monster in Hollywood history (ranking right up there with Godzilla, of course), King Kong has dominated popular culture ever since he was first unveiled to the public way back in 1933.

Every generation has their own version or iteration of King Kong, though most people have fallen in love with everything that this oversized guerrilla has to offer through the big screen.

Folks today, however, have the opportunity to experience King Kong in a number of different ways – and one of the most popular methods is to play the great King Kong Cash slot machine game!




Before we go any further it’s important that you understand that there are at least two different King Kong slot machine games out there right now that are impossible to be played.

Cryptologic has King Kong Cash while Playtech has Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World – though they frequently referred to this game as King Kong cash, also.

The game that we are reviewing here is the Cryptologic game, and it is far and away the most popular version as far as slots are concerned.


The great thing about King Kong Cash is that it has been designed from the ground up to have a very vintage and almost Art Deco feel that you are probably used to associating with the Golden Age of Hollywood way back in the 1930s.

The reel system (of which there are five different reels to play, with 20 different pay lines) give you the opportunity to play multiple bets at any one particular point in time. Gameplay couldn’t be any easier!


As highlighted above, the graphics in this game are second to none.

There is a distinctly Art Deco feel that throws back to the 1933 King Kong film, but everything has a slick and modern polish about it so that you don’t feel like you are trapped in a time machine. The graphics support playability, and the sound is also top notch!

Special Feature

There are no progressive jackpots here, but you will be able to “quick spin” and there is the opportunity to land free spins as well as bonus rounds.

You’ll also be able to play “Jungle Mode” and “City Mode”, and depending upon how your game unfolds you may be able to land a significant jackpot when you hit either one of these bonuses.

Final verdict

There are quite a few movie tie-in slot machine games out there, but none of them are anywhere near as successful at integrating the mood and feel of a legendary film character with slot machine fun quite as well as King Kong Cash can.



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